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Water Damage Restoration Louisville

Water damage restoration after a flooding event has to be performed faster than the winning horse in the Kentucky Derby, and that’s why Saul Cruz Guevara with 911 Restoration Louisville is the best man for the job.

Water Damage Restoration Ceiling RepairWater damage can occur faster than the velocity of a fastball cracked against a Louisville Slugger, and its effects can linger longer than the exit line out of Cardinal’s Stadium after a game.

Worse yet, if water extractions aren’t performed immediately then there is an increased chance for mold growth to take over the property and cause even more trouble.

“Many people believe that water damage restoration work only involves removal of the water from the premises, but this is merely the first stage of many in the full process,” Saul says.

The many steps involved in water damage restoration are why Saul and his crews advise homeowners not to attempt cleanup jobs by themselves.

Prepared For A Flood

In April of 2015, a major flooding event happened in downtown Louisville which caused enormous amounts of water damage around the metro area. Saul and his crews were called out day and night to alleviate the troubles caused to property owners throughout the area, and they will always be ready to do so again.

Water Damage Restoration In ProgressBut, if you want to be prepared on your own. Here are a few solid methods for making the best of a potentially hazardous situation.

  • Use sand bags to form a complete barricade around your property.
  • Take advantage of diesel generators and massive sump pumps to eject water from the interior of the property.
  • For major rains the best method for protection is to direct the outpour from gutters and downspouts away from the foundation of the home by at least five to ten feet.
  • Check and clear your drainage wells for debris and detritus which may clog the sump pumps at inopportune flooding times.

“When the floods did hit Louisville more than 110 people needed to be rescued from dangerous situations where water was threatening their safety,” Saul remembers.

Don’t let this happen to you and your loved ones. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, and keep Saul’s number close for any such emergency.

Raging Against the River

Today the Ohio River plays a major role in the expansion of commerce and industry for the Metro area, as well as an entertainment source for events large and small.

Water Damage Restoration Trucks And Van And TrailerBut the River is a fickle entertainer and will from time to time break its banks and flood the surrounding area.

Saul and his crews of highly trained and IICRC certified professionals want people to be prepared, but if the worst does happen and you need expert help, then you’d better call Saul who is ready and waiting for anything.

“We’re available 24/7/365 for just such emergencies,” Saul says. His crews are highly mobile and can respond within 45 minutes of a distress call. Once on-site they can even help file the insurance paperwork for you too.

Putting the customer first is just a natural way of things for Saul and his crews when they get on a job site. Be it a major flood like the one of April, 2015 or just a toilet overflow gone awry, they can handle it all.

“We take pride in being there for people when they need us the most, and giving them a way better experience than they ever expected possible is just what we do for every job.” Saul says.

If your home or business is experiencing the effects of a flood, or any other form of water damage, then contact the water damage restoration Louisville experts with 911 Restoration Louisville today!

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